Allergy Free Club Special Offer!

Congratulations again for completing your round of Raising Kids With Allergies. You're accomplishments are huge and you are well equipped to carry on this exciting journey.

However if you'd love to have a constant stream of inspiring new knowledge and stay motivated, I'd love to introduce you to my monthly membership, the Allergy Free Club, full of alumni students like yourself.

As a RKWA member you can try out the membership with one month for free. Full details below.


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All the know-how, inspiration and support allergy mums need to raise kids that thrive.

Now you’ve completed Raising Kids With Allergies, it’s important to stay motivated moving forward and continue getting all the amazing support you’ve been getting.

Otherwise, it’s all too easy to lose momentum, experience setbacks and feeling lost and confused.

I can’t let that happen. Not after your incredible efforts these last few weeks. I’d therefore love to invite you to join my monthly membership, the Allergy Free Club with a very special offer, exclusively for YOU.

Enjoy one month free with my 2 months for the price of 1.

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