Intro to Understanding Allergies & Intolerances

Today is all about getting informed, inspired and empowered as you’ll discover that you, yes YOU mama have far more influence over your child’s health than you ever realised or are given credit.

The problem is most mums in our situation just don’t get access to this vital information as we navigate the journey of allergies and intolerances. Instead we’re often just trying to keep up, managing one symptom after another and feeling totally powerless on how to help our kids best. For you, that changes today!

We start gently with Module 1 and find out what’s happening with our children’s health and why they’re dealing with these health issues. Because simply put they shouldn’t! You get to become more informed about allergies and intolerances and start making smarter food choices and avoid common pitfalls if you’re avoiding any food groups.

Once you hear today’s information you’ll be pumped to get into the kitchen and start cooking nourishing meals…but first you need to get inspired to cook. That’s what we do with todays guest expert speaker and supporting materials.

This module has the most content, and some information will be more relevant than others to cater for everyone’s needs and starting point. Feel free to skim through and focus on what matters most but I do strongly recommend you take a look at everything (at least briefly).

Lastly remember to always check the recommendations at the end of each module to begin your journey and post in the group. Your post may be the very thing that supports or inspires another mum to take action.

We’re in this together!

What's Coming Up

Learning Outcomes:

  • What are food allergies and intolerances and how do they differ
  • Why are allergies on the rise and can we minimise or reverse them?
  • Become aware of different allergens from the classic 8 (dairy, soy, egg etc) to increasingly common food chemical allergies (salicylates, glutamates and histamines/aimines)
  • How to identify trigger foods
  • Food intolerance & allergy symptoms to look out for
  • How to do an elimination diet
  • BONUS: How to breast/formula feed and wean allergy babies

Your Resources:

  • Expert Interview with naturopath Tabitha McIntosh: Understanding allergies & food intolerances and how to overcome them
  • The difference between food allergies and intolerances
  • Printable: Allergy & intolerance symptoms chart
  • The classic 8 allergens & food chemical food groups
  • Printable – Hidden sources of dairy (to avoid slip ups)
  • Printable: Food chemicals chart (salicylates, aimines and glutamates)
  • How to do an elimination diet: guidelines & tips
  • Printable: Allergy & intolerance symptoms chart
  • Printable – Food & symptoms diary
  • Printable: Getting Kitchen Ready - Pantry & fridge staples list
  • Printable: Getting Kitchen Ready - Kitchen appliances and equipment list

BONUS: Weaning Guide:

  • Expert Interview with Maureen Minchin: Breast & formula feeding allergy babies
  • Weaning & nourishing first foods
  • Printable – Guide on which foods when
  • Puree combo ideas & tips

Happy Learning!

I can’t wait to see you over in the Facebook group to welcome you and answer any questions.

Lots of love,
Sharon xx