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Raising Kids with allergies

It’s time to celebrate…YOU! Here’s a short video from me, so you can learn about your new membership, the support you get and what’s in store. It’s SO good!


This is YOUR (allergy-free) sanctuary. Where peace of mind, health, support and heaps of deliciousness come together so you and your family can thrive.

Inside the Allergy Free Club we bring everything together in one space from recipes, meal plans, how-to-guides and practitioner support so you can raise healthier, happier kids.

I can’t wait to begin this journey together.

Getting Started

Make sure you download these resources before starting the course

Thrive Cookbook

Download your brand new THRIVE cookbook. This recipe book is your best buddy. The recipes inside are simple, delicious and allergy-friendly. They’ll also work hard to nourish your family providing tons of nutrients to improve gut and immune health. We’ll be referring to the recipes in this book throughout the course.


Facebook group

Make sure you join the private Facebook Group and say hi under the Welcome post. I can’t wait to hear from you. Post away in this group as this will be a massive support system for you.

Happy Learning

I can’t wait to see you over in the Facebook group to welcome you and answer any questions.

Lots of love,
Sharon xx

No advice within this document is to be used as medical advice. We suggest that if your child is feeling unwell or embarking on a new journey, your health professional should be there to help you make the right decisions. Please read the Full Disclaimer here.